Park Development

Equity Based Strategic Plan 

In the Fall of 2021, the Bemidji Parks and Trails Commission requested that a Strategic Plan be developed for Bemidji Parks and Trails. This was in response to the increase in demand and use, as well as an increasing number of community members and user groups requesting additional amenities and/or discussion regarding current policies within the park system. With the last Strategic Plan adopted in 2018 and the overall Master Plan adopted in 2011, most of its recommendations had already been completed. With the support of the Parks and Recreation Department and the City Council, a process was initiated with the purpose of developing a strategic plan to guide decision-making, with the goal of being inclusive and strategic in community outreach and the development of strategies


The System Plan was developed through thoughtful and deliberate public engagement. The Commission is excited to present the outcomes and strategies of the six-step process used in the development of the plan.


We thank the City Council, Community and many partners for their time, effort and thoughts that went into the creation of the System Plan.

 Solar Project at the Tourist Information Center

The City of Bemidji is excited to be working with Real Solar and Ottertail Power Company to install the first City owned Solar Array on a public building!  The solar array - all 56 panels were installed on the Tourist Information Center in Paul Bunyan Park during the summer of 2023! The 20.5kW system was Commissioned in September and is estimated to produce 28,399kW/year. The The City is in the process of planning a small celebration with the City Council, Ottertail Power, Real Solar and the Community on this green project!