Finance Office

The finance office is responsible for developing, maintaining and supporting systems that provide accurate and timely information for strategic planning, operational management and decision support to elected officials, departments, citizens and taxpayers.


  • Maintains City financial records
  • Prepares Capital Improvement Plan
  • Prepares annual operating budgets
  • Maintains City utility billing systems
  • Manages City risk management program
  • Prepares for annual audit
  • Develops and administers flexible fringe benefits
  • Provides analysis and participate in labor contract negotiations
  • Manages the issuance and payment of City debt
  • Performance Measures Summary Results

 Did you know that:

  • 46% of the property value in Bemidji is exempt from property taxes. 
  • Only 38 cents of every dollar you pay in property taxes go to the City, 48 cents to Beltrami County, 13 cents to the School District and 1 cent to other. 


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