Report Nuisance Violations

Under City Code Sections 14.31, 14.32 and 14.34 various nuisance violations are described and complaints can be investigated pursuant to those codes.  In general, nuisance violations include:

  • Storage of garbage on premises for more than one week.  All such storage shall be in 5-30 gallon containers with tightfitting covers.  Tree leaves, weeds and grass clippings may be stored in plastic bags, and tree limbs must be stored in bundles weighing no more than 75 pounds and no longer than four feet.
  • Maintenance of Private Property includes: (2) Removal of all nuisances and public health and safety hazards; (5) neatly stack firewood and lumber to be used in construction.
  • It is unlawful to park or store any unlicensed, unregistered or inoperable motor vehicle, household furnishings or appliances, or parts or components thereof on any property, public or private, unless housed within a lawfully erected building.

If you feel a property is violating a city nuisance code, please submit the form below.  The matter will be investigated and, if a violation is found, the matter will be dealt with.  Your information is confidential pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 13.44.  Thank you!

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