Charter Commission

The purpose of the Charter Commission is to fulfill the duties prescribed for Charter Commissions under the laws of the State of Minnesota.



The membership of the Charter Commission shall be as fixed by Minnesota State Law and City Ordinance or Resolution.  Members must be residents of the City of Bemidji.   


Annual Meeting

The City Charter Commission is required to meet a minimum of one time a year at its annual meeting.  The annual meeting is in June. 


Don Heinonen                 6/1/2024
James Ravnikar              6/1/2024
James Dodds                  6/1/2025
MaryAnn Reitmeir           6/1/2025
Rita Albrecht                   6/1/2026
Char Blashill                   6/1/2026
Michael Meuers              6/1/2027
Tim Faver                        6/1/2027