Public Works Department

Sam Anderson, Director of Public Works/City Engineer


The Public Works Department ensures that the City water is safe, streets are cleared of ice and snow, and traffic signals are maintained. Public Works also maintains a fleet of construction equipment, trucks and city vehicles. Public Works employs 24 full-time and numerous season employees and is responsible for the following divisions:


Sewer/Water/Refuse Division
This division operates the municipal water and sanitary sewer systems which includes refuse pickup (see map for refuse pickup schedule) for city residents. City water is provided through an extensive system of wells, water towers, pumping facilities and iron/manganese removal treatment plans to ensure that the water in the City is safe. Waste water flows through pipes under the streets which convey its treatment plant. Sewer, water and refuse questions can be directed to Todd Anderson at 218.333.1854.  To start refuse service call 218.759.3567. 


Streets/Lights Division
The Street/Lights Division maintains 80 miles of streets and sidewalks which are patched, swept, crack filled and seal coated during the summer months. The streets are cleared of ice and snow and slippery areas are salted and sanded. Storm water is carried off the streets through a complicated system of inlets, pipes, ditches and detention ponds. Traffic signals, stop signs and street signs are also maintained. The fleet of construction equipment, trucks and City vehicles necessary for the maintenance of the infrastructure system is maintained by the mechanics within the street division.  The City’s snowplowing policy is provided below.  Questions regarding street maintenance or snow plowing can be directed to Dave Hansen at 218.333.1855.


Stormwater Division
The City of Bemidji's stormwater system is made up of its storm sewers and related water quality and holding ponds that help control the quantity and quality of rain and snow melt entering our area rivers and ponds. This is important for all water bodies, but it is especially important because Bemidji is the First City on the Mississippi River. 


Engineering Division
The Engineering Division is under the leadership of the Director of Public Works/City Engineer, provides support services to guide the design, management, maintenance and construction of the City's infrastructure. They provide engineering design, construction supervision and project management for the various street, sidewalk, water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructure projects that the City undertakes each year. Engineering questions can be directed to 218.333.1850.


Wastewater Treatment Facility

The City of Bemidji operates a Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) designed to treat municipal waste water. The effluent is collected through a series of pipes totaling approximately 80 miles and has 31 lift stations.  Questions regarding the WWTF can be directed to the Superintendents - Marty Katzenmeyer at 218.333.1867.